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BaD$(+)lDiER (STEAM_0:0:738237 & STEAM_0:1:19508358) - Muppet

Known as BaD$(+)lDiER on my TFC servers.

This player did not like the fact that sounds came from his TFC client while he was on our server. He was then banned for, well..being a nuisance. So what he did next was contact our server host and proceed to tell them that we were violating copyright laws, in a feeble attempt to have our host shut down our servers. Needless to say this did not work.

Now this guy resorts to registering accounts using derogatory names/emails on our site. He is using overseas anonymous proxies to spam my website with these accounts.

Email Addresses like:
youcouldntsecureabike@icantbelievehowmuchyoublow.c om

Names like:

dinogas_blows_little_boys, dont_cry_cuz_u_suck, dinogas_is_ghey, norcantheysecuretheirshit, thesemoronscantrunaserver, keep_looking_losers, bad_only_tried_to_help, ucantkeepmeoutmorons, goodlucklilbuddy_urpwned, badsoldier_left_ur_server, & <--- his email addresses & <----- his real IPs used on my site/servers

Steam IDs: STEAM_0:0:738237 & STEAM_0:1:19508358

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