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Originally Posted by Hammock View Post

My suggestion to fix that was to not let teammates boost other teammates across the entire field. They have to be in the enemy's half to even attempt a boost.
here is an idea how to remedy this supposed problem i agree while its a valid tactic it does make the game boring.

in a sports game anyone familiar with he offside penalty in hockey. (i believe that what it is called. you could make it so that if you went directly from your zone to the enemy zone. you get called for penalty and die. (you could even go as far as creating a turnover.)

or you could make it so that you cannot go backwards into a previous zone with the ball now you can still kick it back to a previous zone because that would limit strategy. but you can't just run back there that would deter it from it becoming source catapult.

these are just 2 rules you could add to fix that problem. (if one or both were added to the game as optional rules that the server could enable.) i believe that these 2 rules alone would make water polo better.

also now that i think about it i could turn my waterpolo idea into a whole new gamemode. though i still think the heavy weapons guy should be goalie hes much more suited. (even if you take away his mini gun.)
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