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I personally think the problem with waterpolo is not the goalie, he's easy enough to deal with. Infact a HW is the perfect hard counter to the weak civ goalie.

My issue with the map is, it always seems to degenerate into one side pipe boosting the ball carrier from their goal to the enemy goal.

When the other team isn't doing this, I won't to do it, and it's a very fun game of back and forth, the entire field is played and everyone can interact with eachother.

But as soon as 2 people gay it up, it becomes an extremely boring round because the only valid way of fighting back is doing it yourself. So then you have the majority of the players hugging their own goals, just bouncing the ball back and forth until someone gets lucky and scores.

My suggestion to fix that was to not let teammates boost other teammates across the entire field. They have to be in the enemy's half to even attempt a boost.

As for murderball, (even though I haven't played it in ages), I do like the idea of once one team gets the ball, they're the only killable team, would force everyone to attack the team with the ball. The only down side to that, is that FF murderball is practically impossible to defend your base, not like TFC murderball where it would actually take 12 people storming you to break in and kill the ball carrier. In FF if there was 12 people attacking your base you'd only have the ball for a few seconds before dying. The survivability just doesn't seem to be there like in TFC.

I can see where you're going with only enabling teams after a certain number of people, as I'm still hoping someone will build a map that is dynamic in the sense that different routes open/close up at certain numbers of people.

Problem with locking and unlocking teams is that what happens once 8 people join all 4 teams are unlocked, and then it's a 2v2v2v2 for 5 minutes, then one person leaves? What team gets locked out? and where does the extra person then land? It would be frustrating to be kicked off your team after you've accumulated points for it, just because you lost a player, there would be less incentive to do anything on the team that you know would be the first to get locked out.

As for snipers, yes they're annoying in that map as they're the number 1 class that doesn't care about playing the game, they just shoot anyone in the yard. But that would be negated if it were changed to make it so only the ball carrier team is killable (your 3v1 scenario), the only time they could kill everyone would be when the ball is neutral in the yard.
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