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how to fix murderball and waterpolo!

from the recent increase in players ive seen these maps played alot more and it seems there is some desire to play these maps however its hard to get everyone on the same page because there are no rules 4 teams and a ball in the middle. (or in waterpolo's case no rules 2 teams and a ball in the middle.) this is not only not helpful in a any kind of pub game but just in general makes it harder to play the game because its basically death-match with a ball.

okay well i have ideas that will in my opinion make these games better. (more fun to play and better organized.) now when playing any sport you have to have organization so on that note i will split my post into another paragraph one for each game. (at the rate im going maybe 2 per game. )

oh i almost forgot this is very important (my lawyer says so so it must be .) the following is a warning for anyone reading this, that if you are prone to hysteria, panic, extreme anger and/or suicidal thoughts or feelings after proposed changes. please stop reading immediately and find your best friend (if you don't know/have a best friend, his name is jack ... well good are you back cozy up and get to know your new best friend because your gonna be here for awhile.

disclaimer: jack may actually not end up being your best friend and as such we are not responsible in anyway for injuries, damages, headaches, and any activities that occur while under the influence of Jack.


1. the goalie : this is probably one of the larger changes im making to the game. the civilian has been benched and taking his rightful place as head coach. (ill get to that later.) now in his place is the younger tougher Hwg. now hwg can do a lot of things like shoot that huge mini gun down range, use his incredible farts to deny incoming players/the ball. he can also handle and kick the ball. (as well as at any time in his zone send it back to the middle.) but cannot like the civilian go into enemy territory. there is only 1 goalie per team in most sports so that's the obviously the rule here.

2. quick small changes to the settings of the game it self: the ball no longer is unaffected by explosions, projectiles, heavy farts etc... unless on the starting mound. this will add alot of variable to the game and how its played.

3. the goalies restriction: the goalie cannot kill anyone in the oposing teams zone from his own zone this is to keep him from sitting way back and killing people while he is invincible. (this i hope will make the game move faster because the goalie isn't mowing everyone down.)

4. Controversy: now this is going to be the most controversial but i think will help the game the most adding a team element to it. now when the heavy is in his zone no regular player can kill him (when he is in the neutral zone however he can be killed.) now i did say regular player because the opposing team goalie can kill him. (this brings the effectiveness of moving up the goalie to provide support but also making him vulnerable to enemy fire.

5. boundries: when out of bounds no killing if you are out of bounds you cannot kill anyone interfere with the game in anyway. if you wanna play stay in bounds. (going out of bounds will server as getting ammo.)

6. optional safe guards now i don't know if this rule is needed but ti could make the game even harder and more fun. if the game proves to plugged up and the heavy dominates the game and makes it far to low scoring i mean if the game isn't just a defensive battle but a bore, then add this rule, the goalie when in the neutral zone can no longer shoot into his own zone from the neutral zone. allowing players to get buy the goalie making the goalie moving out of his zone even more risky. but necessary at teh same time. if even that does not do it add a short re spawn time for goalie.

you may have noticed that most of these rules revolve around the goalie that's because i feel that is what sports also revolve around, if the goalie doesn't do his part the game isn't gonna last long. the map needs a more streamlined approach as well bags just out of bounds instead of in locker like room. also the restrictions on the goalie are there to make the game more organized. i could also start adding more rules to players but i feel that if the goalie is restricted everyone will conform to his restrictions and you will not need rules to get people to play as a team.


now murder ball is another long list of rules and im not even sure its possible but would be a nice welcome as there could actually be a competitive match of murderball that could happen in a pub.

the biggest problem with murderball is you can't (even more so than waterpolo) get people to play the game (its just tdm). so im adding rules to make that happen.

there are still 4 teams so how to make sure there balanced as the new rules that i would add if the game ain't balanced its game over and not fun.

1. (player count and teams.) at 2 players 2 teams are unlocked (1 per team) at 3 3 teams are unlocked (1 per team) at 4 players or more there is minimum of 2 players per team. meaning only 2 teams are unlocked, at 6 players on the server 3 teams are unlocked, and at 8 all four are finally in use. yea (still following the rule after 4 players 2 people minimum per team.)

2. FFA: when no one has the ball its FFA meaning all the teams go after one another. but the moment a team picks up the ball everything changes. all the teams without the ball effectively become teammates meaning they cannot damage each other, and go after target team or team with the ball. the moment the ball is on the ground FFA mode kicks in again and whoever can come up the the ball and bring back to base the most will win the game.

3 a new ball: secondly when you have the ball its no longer a soccer ball its a murder ball (a big skull you hold in your hands or a big steel ball.) so that means when you have the ball you cannot use your weapons only swing your deadly one hit kill ball (that's right its instant kill.). meaning you have to rely on your teammates to defend you (unless your opponents are stupid and everyone charges you.) from the onslaught of players coming after you trying to get the ball.

4. no snipers many of you will be glad to hear this but i feel that in sport games (waterpolo, murderball, anymore that are invented in the future.) that snipers are counter in both of this game mode making them less fun for both the sniper and the other players just not set right for this kind of thing. ctf, avd the sniper is fair game but for sport games i feel it just doesn't work. unless further changes happen to sniper happen as of now i don't think he needs to be in sport games.

these changes i feel will make murder ball very competitive even in pubs and even more competitive in competitive matches.

Summary: (TL;DR)

basically these proposed changes make these to game modes more fun and better games to play as the lack of rules kinda make it really hard to play as a team when you haven't practiced or played played before. i would be happy to give more info so feel free to ask, criticize, etc... but please do keep it clean for the moderators sake.
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