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Originally Posted by caesium View Post
Is dope good?
Yeah. As in "sick', or "cool ass", perhaps "bitchin".

Originally Posted by Paft View Post
I played some yesterday. I wasn't overly impressed. The speed is still there.

Straight away the anime style irritates me. Since TF2, any FPS that isn't set in realistic war has defaulted to the polar opposite. Bright, colourful, goofy characters with their own personalities and annoying lines. It's like watching the Power Rangers.

Their unique abilities will likely make it too annoying to play. MOBA/MMO feel, stats, looting, all games must come with this these days...

If I can get over these cons maybe it will grow on me.
I think the art direction is pretty solid. I prefer a grittier style as well. But a more stylized art direction ages much better and is more attractive to a wider audience. For instance I really thought FF and Q4 looked pretty bad when I first started playing them, I just sort of grew to like the grittier feel for them.

Honestly QC hits a pretty nice middle ground on that. It's not cartoony, but it's not photo realistic.

I think if you really do enjoy the quake style DM and movement, hero abilities will be pretty easy to get over. I've found them rather inconsequential with maybe around 20 hours so far. The only ability that really bothers me is the nyx one. Because it allows her to exit combat entirely. Very frustrating when you're about to get the kill.
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