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wtf, I remembered my login

seriously surprised I even remembered my username. wth is up guys? I once made a few youtube vids for FF back when youtube wasn't popular. wow, times have really changed. anyway, thought I'd look up FF for nostalgia cuz I've been seeing the words over and watch all over the internet lately. I finally fairly looked at some gameplay, and said to myself, "this is like tfc... this is like FF." And I don't even mean the game, necessarily, I mean the general attitude that seems to come out of it is starting to remind me of the fortress games. it's multiplayer, teams, class-based, fast-paced, supposedly competitive, but I'm not gonna comment on that since I haven't even played it yet. Anyway, I'm an adult now and I'm hearing some little kids talking about this game called overwatch and the way they talk about it, it's starting to remind me of the way I used to talk about these games. And a part of me wanted to slap the tablet out of their hands and say "noobs! you don't know team-based twitch-aiming competition. I mean yeah you have actual professional gaming now, but fuck, if pro-gaming had been around during Fortress-Forever's time, it would probably make overwatch "competitive players" look like scrubs!"

Anyway the moral of this story is I feel old, and I might try OW.
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