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Originally Posted by Ricey View Post

So now, the dev should build the game around you and how you think the sniper should be. If that the case, I am going to squeek's house shanking his ass until he gives EMPs +20000% damage and can kill everyone on the map, doesn't run out, and can go through walls. Oh and adds an ingame wall hack.
This, Bridget, is a better example of a 'straw-man' argument. He's taken less than a sentence from one of my posts and completely misrepresented it and my argument and then tried to argue against the point that he created (and of which I had no part). From the same post:

Originally Posted by TheKing View Post
We seem to disagree on what we want the future of the game to be and obviously I don't develop the game so I can't mold it into what I want - I can only say that I think you're making a huge mistake by removing some of the characteristics of the game that don't conform to a narrow DM/mulch style of play.
Originally Posted by Bridget View Post
The Engineer example is null. His sentry gun is a completely different entity and obeys the rules of interaction at the cost of safety and safety at the cost of interaction.
If the rules of interaction state that you cannot inflict damage upon another player from complete safety then this is broken. The SG is a weapon in the same way that a pipe trap is and the kills are appropriated not to the gun, but to the player.

Originally Posted by Bridget View Post
Even if the person fighting the Soldier can't fight back as effectively, that person can still fight effectively. You can't fight back effectively on any level with a Sniper at range. I can has null comparison?
You can fight back with a sniper at range by throwing rockets, shutgun fire, railgun beams, nails, etc. his way. You can fight back with a solider on spiral the same way. In either case your chances of winning are slim because of the class-based situational advantage that the respective defensive classes have. Similarly, you can try to avoid the situational advantages by going around these players (and I consider juking and dodging to be a form of interaction, but that's really not my point at all), and in this case the defensive solider is actually more effective than the defensive sniper. You can interact at the same level with both - you just probably aren't going to win.

Originally Posted by Bridget View Post
I agree with you about the Demoman, though to an extent. The only way you can die from a pipe trap is based on your own decision. You can avoid them and negate the advantage entirely. Getting shot by a Sniper is mostly decided by the person doing the shooting. You can't negate that ability or avoid it, only try to prevent it.
The only way you can die from a sniper is by your own decision - you can avoid the situation entirely by not going in the yard (thereby negating their range advantage). In both cases (pipe trap on security/flag and sniper in yard), the solution is to not play offense. If you're playing offense, you can't avoid attempting to deactivate security with pipes laid on it on any easier than you can avoid crossing the yard with a sniper defending it. If you're playing offense, you can't avoid either situation. If you're playing defense, you can definitely avoid both.

If you play offense, you're going to have to get across the yard AND deactivate security or you're not going to get to the flag.

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