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Public Server Statistics

If you have played on a public server in the last year you may have noticed you have been scoring points for various tasks...

Regular pubbers probably already know about this; but there is a website full of statistics about you guys at:

If the .tk redirect doesnt work for you the long address for that site is:

I assumed most players knew about this but Bully told me off yesterday for not making more of a public announcement on the forums.

So for more details about the stats and how they work, all of the servers you see on that link send their logs to my stats server.
The server records things like kills, weapons used, maps played etc.
It also records player names and their previous aliases, steam id's playtime and other information; If you have played on a pub over the last year there is probably a quite detailed profile on you.

If you dont want your information to be collected you can opt out of the stats system by connecting to any of the active servers and saying "/settings" to access your individual stats settings.

Also a note on point scoring... Points are not an indication of a players skill, but more of an indication of time spent playing with the ability to make kills / capture the flag factored in.

If you think points are being awarded unfairly or something needs changed up let me know in here.

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