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Bleh, quad jumping is so lame. Mainly because the maps are boring and very repetitive, but it's also silly that people seem to think you need quad to pull off anything impressive.

I mean how entertaining is a quad map? It's the same thing over and over again. Fall down a hole, climb up a hole, fall down hole, wall pogo, ground pogo, climb up hole.

I hate to say it, but one thing I tend to think the tf2 community got right is their rocket and pipe jumping. Not only is there plenty of variation within individual maps, but they also take the time to go find cool jumps in other kinds of maps. (Take palermo for example, it's not just an avd map, it's one of FF's best freestyle jump maps.) And they do it all without any need for something silly like quad.

These kind of jumps I find entertaining. Kinda sad when tf2 jumps look faster and more versatile than a soldier bouncing up and down for an entire map.
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