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Originally Posted by eomoyaff View Post
And of 400 of those people, I dont know how many actually have played since they've favorited that facebook page. My guess is next to zero. What did he put his money in to, just curious?
Money into (affective) advertising.

We now have 400 additional people we can reach to when we release updates & patches. I will grow this number again upon completion of the new FF site.

Originally Posted by eomoyaff View Post

I thought you were here to help this community grow? I don't get it. You post a thread on something non-productive about Fortress Forever, despite the reason why you came here in the first place. I don't get it. Why are you advertising a fundraiser for something this community isn't even apart of?

I don't like this. Squeek, I could really use one of your intelligent markers right about now D:
We're a gaming league. I posted it on gaming community sites I am a part of. It is by no means a way to take from FF. I have been a member of these forums for much longer than I have been a member of the Marketing team, and would have posted here regardless.

All I can gather is you tried to stir the pot & create some momentum against me, and you have failed.

I have contacts & plans ready to push forward with FF Marketing, however a few major factors are holding them back.

Hope all is clear now =)
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