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Originally Posted by Ricey View Post
I don't care if you didn't do it, still your fault for letting another classmate do your work for you or your friend. Grow up a bit, pay attention in class, it's not that long. And if you were paying attention (FULLY), you could of avoided stupid mistakes.
You apparently didn't read it correctly, or only read what you wanted to. He wasn't doing my work for me, and I wasn't doing it for him. I was helping the classmate to my right, learn the material by explaining it to him. My friend to the left, who couldn't even connect to the server on his workstation, used my workstation to do his own work. After fucking around however, he fucked it all up.

No matter though, this was a few weeks ago and what is done, is done.

Originally Posted by Ricey View Post
(Goes to School for 8+ Hours a day - I have the right to bitch)
That doesn't mean shit, I too go to school for 8+ hours a day, at least on days I have class... either way, you don't see me bitching about having to go to school. That and i'm sure there's other students on these forums that also aren't bitching about it.
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