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FDA, is this about right as your thoughts?

1. The pyro gets away with the flag too easily, players feel helpless to stop him as he flies away whilst they shoot him in the back. This is particularly true once the flag is into an open space.
2. Specialising as a front line defender DMer is not fun for the front line defender
3. Specialising as a front line defender DMer is not useful, as the front line defense gets back to position too fast
4. He's too bad at killing SGs (on certain maps?), which means after he's killed a front line defender, his best tactic is to wait until that defender gets back, and kill him again, which is boring (for the pyro) and annoying as the defender
5. The jetpack is slow and people like shooting fast people (this could also be that it's hard to hit / too maneuverable in the air / unpredictable)
6. Feels a bit all-or-nothing with his damage, if he gets in, he can cause a lot of damage, but if you stop him then he doesnt do a lot

If so I would be interested in which of those is the more important to deal with.

I'd be interested to hear if people think he's "too different" to the medic and scout, and simply bringing him and his mechanics closer to how they play would be potentially simpler / better / less risky.

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