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Originally Posted by squeek. View Post
It definitely would make it really easy to combine/consolidate weapons without losing any functionality, but it'd also add quite a bit of new complexity that might make it even harder for new players to get familiar with (3 weapons with alt fire on some of them is probably less newb-friendly than 4 weapons with no alt fire).
think if you use wasd which is the most common setup you actually don't do anything with your pinky finger except crouch so adding shift to that means that your pinky has 2 buttons to press instead of 1. things like concing or trimping are often new concepts to players that ive noticed struggle with. pressing mouse 2 or shift aren't new concepts they're buttons you have to press. unlike concing, trimping, and bhop you don't have to have timing and coordination to function remotely correctly.

it could also go on the middle mouse button which would make it potentially more accessible as its in the same location as the mouse.

as for being newb friendly

Originally Posted by squeek. View Post
(2 grens, dropitems, use, attack2, crouch, jump, discard...)..
as for those im not sure you have to use all of those to be reasonably effective or learn the game grenades are helpful frags but not entirely requried and drop items id bet i could go many many hours without doing it and do just fine. there use is much more limited than second fire option which is right on mouse 2 and shift which is used in almost all games pressing it they should quickly understand what it does. even then i think not using them doesn't' inherently mean you will be useless in a pub you could learn the game without ever using the keys with the exception of the demo man.

as for "discard" your weapon (i think thats what you mean.) having that makes little since in a class base game just deactivate the weapon when you run out of ammo you can't pickup new weapons so why have a button to throw weapon away at all. (assuming that's what your saying.) due to teh class base system since you can't pick up other peoples weapons scouts can't get rocket launchers. seems like an extra button to me that isn't really needed there found an extra button

some ui changes could help as well.

media: you have access to steam which means you could write up and article on it since FF needs things to tweet something like this would not only create some hype but also explain new mechanics you add in patches or what changes mean. the best part is because everyone has access to the changes you don't nesscarily have to write it some forumite like me could or preferably someone who can spell.

ui: in the weapon menu class selection i find one big thing missing is that when you hover over a weapon or click on it there is no description of the weapon that i can see which could be the place where you tell them there is an alternate attack. then there's the hint button which already exists just gotta add teh tool tips.

tl;dr: sorry for the rantish like post i didn't intend it even go on as i did nor forceful. i just feel like this adds so much depth and potential to all classes in teh future and present that passing it up because it might be a tad more complex to save some depth isn't good enough for me. to sum it up basically instead of removing depth of the game i think retooling into an easier format is the better option even if its a bit harder potentially. hell even if it was just tried in beta i think it would be worth exploring because i really don't think its that terribly hard to understand (even with all the other thing as the concept exists in countless other games.) and could add so much to the game.
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