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Originally Posted by GenghisTron View Post
If I could play, I would push for an AvD pickup channel, I personally don't enjoy CTF that much. Also, being part of the pickup community doesn't automatically make you part of the 'cancer', nice logical fallacy bro, but being a dumbass/asshole does. You fit in pretty well with that. There's some members of the pickup community that I have nothing but respect for, but the 'big names' are all generally faggots who are actively destroying the community.

I can't recall how many times I read in the pickup channel that people were going to 'go into TALOS and rage noobs'. As Bridget pointed out, we have a thread on the TALOS admin forum dedicated to skimming #ff.pickup logs and picking up all the times they say they're gonna come in our server and rage us, or about how they talk about how much they hate us. Which is one thing that cracks me up, TALOS is as neutral as anything, and yet, people still hate us. Guess to be 'liked' you gotta be A FUCKIN PRO MATE.

Lol, here we go.

Exo is usually nice to new people (at least in public), but he does ruin pickups, and then denies he doesn't and starts shitfests. I've seen it dozens of times. Also, God forbid he gets in one of his 'moods' and starts banning everyone who pisses him off for no good reason. lolololololol.

Either way, if people want to keep FF alive, they should start by not being faggots. I think that's the best place to start.

I piss him off all the time, and I have never been banned by him.

Also, just because the channel says #ff.pickup doesn't mean that has to be the only Pick Up Channel, go make ff.gather and start your own.

Shit, EU/US are already split up.
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