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It mainly didn't get played because "it's pyro". Nobody really wanted to take the time to adjust to it and see how it really played out. There's not always a lot of pugs going on, and when the pyro was released a few people would complain that they just wanted to play "a normal game" since we don't play that often.

There were games where the pyro seemed to get tons of kills. How ever the pyro seems pretty easy to mow down for an HW playing his spot. That's why I don't think people really adjusted well. The games where pyro seemed to get out of hand, it seems to me like it was just a chaotic mess where front line got caught out of position too often. Honestly the pyro is so slow the HW should have no problem dealing with it on most maps.

It takes longer for the soldier to deal with, leading to more of a health loss for the soldier. But he should still be able to kill or heavily weaken the pyro.

The pyro was mechanically fun to play, and I can't really say wether it was OP or UP. (most apparently thought it was OP.) But I can't totally blame people for not wanting it in pugs. It's balance is strange.

First of all it's pretty slow, and it can't really get into FR well. And it really can't deal with an SG. This leaves the pyro as a sort of front line DM class, which isn't really a very helpful offensive role. The D resets pretty fast on most maps, and it doesn't really help the scouts and medics get in. And once the pyro does kill a frontline defender, it doesn't help him get in either. He's to slow to close the gap on an SG, and sucks at sniping it. I think what you'd normally see is just the pyro getting a bunch of front line kills and not really helping the objective much if at all. (it probably shines best when the flag in or moving towards foyar)

The jet pack is poorly balanced too. It's not too fast, but it is pretty much infinite. If you got in and got the flag untouched, you were pretty much gone with it, because your speed was much more consistent, instead of in bursts like scouts and meds.

And really the pyro is just not that fun to play against. to put it simply, most of us like to go fast, and shoot at fast guys. I really do think that's what it boils down to. The pyro comes floating in pretty slow, you either hose him down on the way in, or he gets in and deals significant damage. Most people complain about his health and time to kill as well.
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