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The head bobbing annoyed the hell out of me at first, but I got used to it. The thing that angers me is the fact that the weapons are really inaccurate at long ranges and even medium range (with exception of the scoped weapons, I would presume) and you can single-fire with weapons at people's chest with no effect. Most of my health is drained because I have to get in close to kill people, but when I do, I end up erasing entire groups with spray. Oh, and is it me or is non-pistol ammo hard to find? I have 1,000 rounds of pistol ammunition saved up yet the same bits of non-pistol ammo I had were used quickly on human enemies ( I've yet to encounter mutants.. o: ) because I've only found 50 or so rounds tops. Yes, I'm searching all the corpses too.

It also seems my game has fucked up. The guy at the tunnel who thanks you for saving his life part.. I go down the tunnel as it says, I clear the area of rival gang members, and then it tells me to go back to him. So, I do. I go up the ladder and the guy says 'thanks for saving my life, blah blah.. We need you to go down this tunnel. Follow me, I'll show you the way". Then, he walks a few feet to the left, into a tree, then walks back and tells me to go back down. If I do, the area is clear, and there's nothing to do. Upon going back up, he repeats this bullshit non-stop.

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