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FF Gun Game

Now updated to v0.3, adding support for ff_dm_squeek and ff_hunted, 3 new weapon sets, and an easy way to skip weapons on servers with ggDebug enabled (oh, and bug fixes too). To enable Gun Game, type sv_mapluasuffix "gungame" into console.

A Lua script created by myself to add support for Gun Game in FF. When a player completes the Gun Game (got a kill with every weapon), the game restarts and everyone respawns.

To change the weapon set for Gun Game, open the map's Lua file, and change the line:
IncludeScript("name of Gun Game weapon set")

Gun Game weapon sets are located in your /maps/includes/ folder, and have the prefix gungame_

Download link:

The .zip contains information on editing maps for Gun Game use, the Gun Game script, 6 weapon sets for it, and scripts for ff_dm, ff_dm_squeek, and ff_hunted.

Classes affect max health, max armor, speed and ammo counts.

Stuff to be done:

- Way of showing Gun Game winners on the scoreboard.
- More maps supported!
- Gun Game weapon sets by various people (that aren't me).
- gungame_crosscity_b1 - A DM map designed for Gun Game for around 2 to 6 players. All that remains to be done on crosscity is additional lighting. (and perhaps more places for movement techniques)

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