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Catching hackers in FF is far more difficult than in TFC, as there doesn't seem to be any really good tools for it. As such most accusations of hacking are mearly guesses. Most people in this game don't even know what to look for in a demo to catch a hacker. Other than blatant hacking where the person isn't even trying to hide it, the totaly number of publicy caught hackers is soo minimal that this is actually a far more serious accusation than people might think.

It sounds sorta silly to say but since FF is such a small community, demo's should really be posted publicly for review by anyone who has experience in catching hackers. I personally have no experience what so ever in catching a hacker, but I know others on this forum do.

But without an actual demo for peer review, I would instantly default into believing you were banned by an admin with a chip on his shoulder. Which is really weird because there isn't exactly a lot of TALOS admins that play anymore. Which means you were probably accused by someone who doesn't play very much and didn't like being owned, since you're a regular and play quite often with the regular admins that do play, if they thought you were hacking you would have been banned ages ago.

p.s. Your sniper has never bothered me, but your spy sure pisses me off something fierce. But I've never thought of you as a hacker, you've never performed any action that I haven't seen another good sniper or spy do.
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