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Alternate Fire Mode Ideas

Alternate fire (mouse 2) on the shotguns could give a double blast of shells but with a larger spread.

A new sniper rifle slot could be introduced that shoots EMP rounds, which deal more damage to engineer utilities, but far less to personnel. Normal rounds would, conversely, do far less damage to engineer utilities than they do now. The EMP rifle could also have a secondary effect when striking enemy personnel such as temporarily shutting down their HUD including crosshairs and sniper lasers, and perhaps causing a slight knock-back effect (but barely any damage to organic targets) in the vicinity of the impact. Also the colour of the laser should change colour (to blue) when the EMP rifle is being charged up.

The right mouse button for the medipack already throws them on the ground, but that could be changed to separate bind, which would free up mouse 2 for the medipack to have another debilitating effect, such as temporary paralysis and vision impairment, similar to the spy's tranq gun. This may be enough to satisfy people who think infection spreading should remain in FF.

Alternate fire (mouse 2) on the railgun could allow the engineer to shoot globs of nanobots at his / her sentry guns and dispensers in order to repair them remotely. Of course, the amount of damage repaired would depend on the charge level of the rail gun, and it would be less effective and efficient overall than the wrench at repairing damage.

Alternate fire (mouse 2) for the rocket launcher could be modified to allow soldiers to blow their loads all at once, but then of course they'd have to reload sooner.

Alternate fire (mouse 2) on the crowbar could be used to power up harder swings for more damage, with more potential for gibbing, for the ultimate humiliation.

Alternate fire (mouse 2) on the tranq gun could shoot a tracking / tag dart that travels much faster through the air than the tranq projectile, and allows spies to remain disguised as they reveal enemy positions to their team. Sentry guns and dispensers should also be able to be tagged.

Flash bombs for spies' secondary grenade instead of gas capsules!

Alternate fire (mouse 2) held down on the autocannon could fire a burst with a much larger cone of fire, but eating up ammo twice as quickly as Chilledsanity suggested.

Alternate fire (mouse 2) held down on the super nailgun could power up a larger 'bolt' projectile that deals much more damage than standard nails when released, and can ricochet off walls once or twice. Critical shots to the head or legs are also a possibility.

Alternate fire (mouse 2) held down on the standard nailgun could also generate bolts that are less powerful than the super nailgun's and without the critical hit ability, but still deal substantially more damage than individual standard nails when unleashed.

Alternate fire (mouse 2) on the knife could allow a spy to lunge straight forwards slightly, giving him that extra bit of reach for those times when lag makes it difficult to judge whether you're within stabbing range. There should be a hefty recharge period so it isn't used to gain speed all the time, though.

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