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Well I guess they aren't going to open up unlimited editing for everyone anytime soon, especially not for a sniper guide. The world is so unfair!

Here's a section on grenades that would have been added to the original post if I were permitted to edit the thing:


Snipers only have access to the standard grenade and can carry up to four at any one time, but start out with two. As with any class, the grenade can be primed and held until ready to throw, giving your opponents less of a chance to spot the grenade and escape the blast. As a sniper, you should be keeping an eye / ear out for any suspicious sights and sounds. As soon as you sense trouble nearby, prime a grenade and look for a target. Aim quickly, decisively and swiftly and attempt to shoot the target before releasing the grenade if you can (as grenades will knock people around, making it harder to aim at them). Grenades will give you a great edge in finishing off your opponents and can also be used to jump yourself into unorthadox positions in the map, as long as you have the HP / armour to survive it.
Thanks for adding the thread to a sticky post. Hope it helps people get into what is undoubtedly the best class in any game.

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