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Originally Posted by FDA_Approved View Post
Yes moosh I know what the demoui is. Please forgive me here for trying to play devils advocate. I don't think anything really needs to be done. But what I meant by that statement, is that perhaps a button in the main menu labeled "Demos" could take you to a list of your demos. And then you could just click one to have it play.

I realize that a list of all your demos can be found by typing /playdemo.
EDIT: I wrote a lot of bullshit here so let's just take that out *snip*.

You can do this in source by typing demoui into the console and then pressing 'load', it'll bring up a file browser in the ff directory where (usually) your demos are located. You can't delete or move files (I think?) and you still have to you use the console to access it, but it's something along the lines of "(...) menu labeled "Demos" could take you to a list of your demos. And then you could just click one to have it play."

I apologize again if I read something wrong (again). I'm in the mood to type really fast, without thought, like the guys in the movie Takedown or Track Down as it's known in the US.

Also, I am aware that you might know all of this. I just wanna type this stuff out like in Track Down, fucking hell watch that movie, if you haven't seen it already and just see for yourself. The speeds that their fingers move in that movie are just hilarious.
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