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Originally Posted by WiFiDi View Post
nice tutorial if your still around thanks for the tutorial.

i think this should be streamlined in FF and added like in alot of other games already have. so that i can do all of this in game without doing all this fancy console stuff. being albe to do with my mouse instead of all this fancy console stuff.

world of tanks, team fortress 2, company of heroes. they all have these option why shouldn't FF, i think it would definitely add to the accessibility and ease of making montages/avis. which would possibly attract a few players both from the feature itself and from the videos people make.
Tf2 replays are kind of a joke. In tf2 you can do just about everything better with demos and console commands than you can with replays. But yes, replays are very easy and accessable.

I think a full fledged editor system like replays has would be WAY to much work for little reward.
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