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Originally Posted by truplaya View Post
Competitive OVD servers have been around before, I think I remember maybe illogicality having one or GR or something and also maybe hoopajoo? OVD clanstyle play in the title or something... I could be wrong about who they belonged to cuz its been so long, but they were fun when occupied.These style servers would definitely serve regulars better. If im stacking up my big dollars I might invest in one when the new update comes...
That was me. It worked out pretty well actually, problem was there was no dedicated player base to get the games going and enforce ovd. When we would get 2-4 people from .gr or the pickup channel to start the game off we'd almost always end up with at least 6v6, and the server was frequently full. There rules weren't strict pickup style either, but rather "actually play the game" type rules. You could play o sol or d pyro if you wanted, just try to contribute something, even if it's just dming the front line defenders. The pub side of the community actually took to it a lot better than I'd imagined. The problem is it's unrealistic to just join a server by yourself in a game with the playerbase of FF, you really need a small group of people that will consistently get the game started. This way players will know they won't be standing alone in a server for 5 hours. o-t and especially talos had this at the time, and we didn't, so that was the end of that.

Also, I'm not sure if FF has the player base for an ovd pub anymore. When we ran the ovd server there was a decent sized group of the player base that wanted a midground between pub FFA and pickups, including most of my own clan, which is why we started the server to begin with.

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