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I mean basically what you're proposing is that the game be mechanically defined by the pickup standard. And even though in the opinion of a few, me included, that's the best way to play, I don't know if there's a way to do that which I can agree with. Or even scales well into full games.

Tbh I'm not really against the idea entirely, just using it on our one and only pub server. CS has strict competitive style pubs, that's great and that's something I'd love to see in FF, if we had that type of community to support all sorts of public play. I guess progressing along this line is a valuable learning experience and could provide us with a great variety of gaming options, I don't deny that nor am I against it. Just that while we have one pub I would prefer to see it more open.

Another thing to consider, is even if this is the way that a majority of our current pub scene plays, plenty of them still take quite hostile to it. Anything remotely "competitive" sounding has the potential of sparking quite the ire.
I wasn't arguing for a forced pickup standard in pubs, but rather giving an example of why it doesn't work. I was also illustrating that it can work, there's just way more involved than setting up game rules based on a set of esoteric gameplay ideals. Like to the point of having to make an entirely new game. The themeing issue was just one example I gave to avoid reaching new levels of tldr, it actually gets a lot deeper than that. There are thick textbooks and entire college courses on this kind of thing.

My whole point is successfully appointing game rules is something way out of the scope of pub server lua changes.
I'd also say that if hunted were played as much as ctf, as in hunted is only played and there's no servers where you can play anything else, people would get tired of playing certain classes and probly lament the restrictions. Hunted restrictions probly also see a higher degree of acceptance due to the over all novelty of it. Kind of like playing heads up 7 up in the 2nd grade. You're teacher really just wants everyone to put their heads down and stfu, but you're more willing to go along with that because it's a game now, and not the same school work you've been doing all day.
Maybe, I mainly used hunted as an example because it's the closest parallel to FF's CTF gameplay. Most games made after the "old-school" era of PC games apply the methodology I described, including games people play 24/7 for years. I could've picked practically any military shooter, MMO, or casual game.
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