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Concept and Example Lua's

Figured I'd post this so it might get used. Hopefully someone will make a map as good as ff_agoraz was for it
  • Last Team Standing - Team deathmatch. Each player has one life per round and must spectate until the next round when killed. Team wins (+10 points) when the opposing team is completely killed. Classes are limited to Soldier only, teams used are Red and Blue.

    Readme contains info on entities needed, and the .vmf is included. Map is playable, but not recommended as it looks like shit. Updated from the ff_agoraz version with a few sounds and stuff, nothing major.

    Update 19th June 2009 - Download now includes an alternate version of the lua that uses Green and Red teams, and Civilian class, as per MonoXide's request - ff_lts_RGc.lua

  • Warpath-style Lua - Link to FF wiki page

Hopefully more to come, when I get round to finishing them
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