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Originally Posted by Gwarsbane View Post
BTW its easy to kill an SG even if you have an engi sitting there guarding it. If there is no dispenser and no pack near, you keep tapping the sg with nails because it costs the same to fix the SG if its 1 nail or 30 nails. So you tap it with a couple of nails, let him fix it, tap it, let him fix, do this a couple of times and hes out of metal and has to run to get more. Thats when you take the SG down.
lol, try play vs an engy in a pug, you wont kill it.
Talos VS gr UGC Match

They killed my sg a min. of 5 times.

Pub SG vs Pug SG you can not compare em, if I had exo, matt and some other random dude vs 4 pubbers that SG would not go down. Even VS the best pubbers, because exo and matt would do their jobs properly. SG should not be a stand-alone unit, it should require a team effort to keep it up. But at the same team, it should be able to take some damage with an engy attacking and defending his SG. To have a SG to be UNBEATABLE with just an engy is stupid. I'm an engy and I dont even want that.
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