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Originally Posted by WiFiDi View Post
personally I think it sounds like ricey needs help, not that he can't do it himself. rather that he doesn't have the time. I think a better idea would be to get with ricey and say what can we do progress things with the site like finishing the different pages the big stuff. however this would also mean that ricey would have to put his pride over on the end table and let others help him. I don't mean not with the little side things like gathering data but actually doing some of the work. just because its riceys brainchild doesn't mean there can't be multiple people working on it. knowing ricey this could be hard on his pride because after all it is his job however if he can put it aside and let someone else do some of the work for him. I think we will have a better site, faster.

now back on topic to the exact topic on hand.

also i think that this could split the community. but come to think of it eu and Americans are always split geographically, politically, and in any number of different ways. i have a possible solution's to fix that.

ricey's worried about splitting the forums which honestly I'd be worried about as Ive seen it with many games some do it on purpose others on accident and still other times it just happens. well I don't' know if its possible but i have an idea. both sites keep there different designs but share the same forums. here is what I mean would have its own design of forums but share the same forum data so if i posted it would show up there and here. also share the same account stuff as well.

rambling rant over.
He doesn't plan on making different forums. The euro site will still link to these.
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