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Originally Posted by WubbaDucky View Post

technically, i am seeing this from an SEO point of view and redirecting a new domain has no influence or impact.

1. The site i am creating is for specific target group Europe. Also mention that i am adding the content in Dutch, French, German, etc... in a further stage. And from an SEO point of view I set the target group in GWMT from Google.
2. My employeers and myself wil optimize the site for SEO
3. Besides the overall visibility on the web, i want to refer them to this site when it comes to community / help & forum.
4. The main goal is to get them to download the game and start playing, knowing that there is still an Euro community playing the game
5. When i boost up it should have an impact on this site as well when it comes to signups / new forum members

When I have enough data gathered from my own linkbuilding campaign, i can easily integrate that strategy to push more US traffic to this website.
It's about impressions in Google & marketshare on different countries without exclusion.

Don't get me wrong, I love the fact you want to help FF, but as a Front-end Developer / UI Designer I look at it differently.

I did have something written, but I'd figured it'd be best to discuss this over Skype, or which ever IM you use; Just send me a PM which one ya use, unless it's ICQ, then shank ya self
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