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I just wanted to update this thread with the decision my wife and I made.

The base dedicated server starts at $139 - that is with no management and no Cpanel. With those 2 added on its an extra $70 a month. So the actual cost of a introduction level dedicated server is more like $200 a month. That is about $120 more then what paying right now.

My wife and I decided not to go that route because of the cost. We can lease a VPS with 384 megs of memory for about $49 a month, then move her forum and Koreys forum to the other VPS.

Beside those 2 sites, I will probably off load at least 1 wordpress blog and another forum using SMF.

Going with the 2 VPS option, we save $70 - $80 a month, as compared to going with a single dedicated server.
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