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Originally Posted by Shadow00Caster View Post
If you are running your db locally, I really couldn't give you a valid opinion unless I saw system graphs from the past 30 days.
In January and February of 2009, my server transferred 200 and 220 gigs of data. Compared that to only 150 gigs in October of 2008.

My allotted cpu usage runs between 150% - 350%.

Used memory stays between 500 - 800 megs - out of 1.1 gigs.

Keep in mind, every 30 days my main forum grows by 11% to as high as 16%. Its been this way for the past year.

All of the sites are database driven, the forums hit the database pretty hard. The wordpress blogs are not so bad.

Besides my main forum I have a blog that is growing about as fast as my forum. Then there is my wifes forum, my sons forum, and I'am getting ready to move my step daughters forum over to vbulletin and start promoting it.

Originally Posted by Shadow00Caster View Post
If you are only running webs, and want to save money .. get a managed host with virtually unlimited b/w and storage.
Managed host?

The hosting provider I am with offers either VPS or dedicated servers.
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