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Single dedicated server or 2 VPSs?

Ok all of you tech people out there, lets hear some input.

I lease a single VPS with 1.1 gigs of memory. The server is CentOS linux. On this server I run 7 websites - a mix of wordpress blogs and forums. 3 of the forums are VBulletin.

One forum by itself gets 2,930,856 Pageviews and 125,247 Visitors every 30 days. That equals out to around 6,000 - 7,000 page views every hour. The database is almost 1 gig. Growth is a steady 11% - 15% every 30 days.

The other websites get only a couple of hundred page views daily.

I am thinking of getting a dedicated server and putting all of the sites on it.

Or, should I lease another VPS, with only about 256 megs of memory and off load the smaller sites on it?

If I go with 2 VPSs, I could save about $40 a month, as compared to getting a dedicated. But, as those sites grow, they will outgrow that vps and require a better server sooner or later.

Should I go with a single dedicated server, or 2 VPSs?

I am kinda leaning towards the single dedicated server. This could make it a lot easier then having to keep up with 2 servers, 2 server bills, separate root accounts,,,,
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