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When patch will out?
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i want to plug this game too because I think it's really fun and I want more people to get into it, and you can get it for a steal right now.

if you wanna play, its free to download but you will be limited to one hero.

you can find keys on ebay right now for $5 that unlock every hero! so its a $5 game (will be $30 for all heroes on release), and you will get to keep the full thing at release. make sure you buy the right key! it should say Quake Champions Pack or something like that and give you all the heroes. PM me if you wanna know which user I bought mine from, cuz I don't wanna break rules by linking stuff.

i've been playing overwatch but if this becomes popular I could see myself playing this mainly. I want more people to get into it so check it out.

pros: fast, quake style movement. high skill ceiling, all the guns work as you expect (lightning gun, railgun, nailgun, rocket launcher, health pickups, quad damage), one or two heroes have a passive skill of uncapped bunnyhopping (still hard to do, but if you can do it then you can fly fast).

cons: the more different the heroes are, the harder it is for iD to balance. right now it feels balanced but talking to the better players than me, they tell me that larger heroes are at a disadvantage because of their hitboxes. apparently a fix is in the works to make everyone's hitbox more even. game is in early release and patches happen frequently.
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