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The fact of the matter that the flag that use to fly over SC is not the Confederate Flag. It is the Virginia Battle Flag. Even if you don't agree with the history that is connected with the flag people have a first amendment right to display the flag. There are black people in the south that wear the damn flag, but it is suppose to represent racism and slavery? It truly bothers me that people who watch the mainstream media do not question the misinformation that comes through their screen. It is scary how people blindly follow false data as if it were historically factual.

Apple is a disgusting company that should not be allowed to conduct business. Steve Jobs was one of the most disgusting human beings to have ever lived on planet Earth. This man allowed slave/child labor in China to build his products. The work environment at these facilities is so bad that the workers were going to the roof to jump off to commit suicide. This came to a halt when Jobs and Al Gore, of course Al Gore, made sure there was safety netting at the top so their slaves could no longer kill themselves..Utterly despicable company that overcharges for technology that is not that good. In fact you can build a tower for 1000$ that will out do almost anything apple sells to people. I never have and I never will support Apple. No one should support that horrible company.

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