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Originally Posted by traxamillion View Post
When I think of the Confederate Flag I think of revolution, not bigotry/racist etc.

If the Glorious Battle Flag is such a tool for spawning hate, then why are Alabama, Louisiana and Georgia at the bottom of the Hate Crime List and DC, Michigan and New Jersey at the top? Obviously the "hate" is not generated in the south...but in the heart.

Some people find the American flag 'offensive' is that the next thing to get axed?

Also, KubeDawg, the SCOTUS decision on gay marriage gives the lefties even more fuel to pour on the fires of anti-Christian bigotry that they were already fanning furiously.
Not everyone views the flag the same way. Look at the nonsense over the Swastika and the ignorance that those objecting have WRT to other contemporary use. Those objecting behave as if their emotional reaction is the single most important element of the debate over what the symbol can or does mean. Is it something that belongs on public/government controlled land? Perhaps not but the outright censorship by so many left-leaning organizations is simply made possible by the association with the shitbag Dylan Roof.

As to Apple...I don't like Apple from a tech perspective and I certainly do not like their corporate activism. My last Apple product is my iPod Classic. When it dies that will be the last evidence of any revenue Apple will ever have had from me. I should point out that this was my view prior to this nonsense over games being removed over the Confederate Flag.
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