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Originally Posted by traxamillion View Post
Also, KubeDawg, the SCOTUS decision on gay marriage gives the lefties even more fuel to pour on the fires of anti-Christian bigotry that they were already fanning furiously.
Kinda off topic, but can an american give me their definition of "lefties"? I've seen it mentioned a bunch of times. For you anyone sympathizing the left-wing is automatically comparable with USSR's communism? AFAIK being "left-sided" (at least, what they tell us here) is that you sympathize the community as a whole rather than a certain individual and you try to improve an individual's life, by making the common society life level better. A right side would focus on the opposite improving the common society life level, my making individual's life better first.

Being left-sided or a socialist isn't actually quite related to atheism and so on here. At least this is what I understand from you guys.
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