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Poll: Public CTF Structure

Which one of these would you rather see for public capture the flag?

Competitive CTF - This is pickup style CTF. Each team has their chance to attack and defend respectively in two fifteen minute rounds. The team with the most points at the end of the match wins, and the map is switched.

Round-Based CTF - Both teams are on offense and defense. A round ends when a team reaches a small capture limit. The first team to win so many rounds win, and the map is switched.

Cap-Based CTF - Both teams are on offense and defense. The first team to reach a large capture limit is considered the winner, and the map is switched.

Vanilla - This is how CTF is played now. There are no capture limits. There are no rounds. Itís just straight out capture the flag until the time runs out and the map switches. Only choose this if you prefer it over the above modes.
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