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Okay, so we need the sniper to be more mobile and worthwhile to the team, whilst being less vulnerable to flanking... hmm... tricky one to balance when the sniper is supposed to be long-range support and a lot of the worthwhile action seems to take place in flag rooms (or so I've heard). I know from personal experience that the sniper is very effective in the flag room if he can get there and stay alive long enough to take out all the sentry guns, dispensers and engineers. Of course that wouldn't happen very often in proper matches because all entrances are covered by soldiers who simply use the death cam to locate the sniper's position if they die, respawn and spam missiles & grenades at the sniper's last known location.

How about giving the sniper a "camouflage" ability? Similar to the spy's cloak but it only works for a limited amount of time with a recharge timer, and would allow snipers to get into offensive positions within the enemy's base easier.

Here's another one for you: alternate fire modes!:

Alternate fire on the sniper rifle could shoot EMP rounds, which deal more damage to engineer utilities, but far less to personnel. Normal rounds would, conversely, do far less damage to engineer utilities than they do now.

I have written out ideas for alternate fire modes for all classes, but I'm sure you don't want me to list them all in this thread.

Edit: Here's a link to a thread containing all my alternate fire mode ideas:

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