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Okay, more ideas:

When no-scoping, the sniper rifle aim should be swaying a LOT, so people don't just use that view until they're ready to use the scope with the proposed new effect.

Make the sniper rifle's laser more visible to everyone, no matter which direction you are looking at it from. This would make it easier to get fix on prone snipers, if that idea were to be implemented. Could even make it so that the laser temporarily blinds people if it is shone directly at their heads... but I guess that's another one in favour of snipers.

The proximity / directional anti personnel mines would add another dimension to the sniper's abilities and make it more worthwhile. I understand why you'd say "no" immediately as if it's overpowered, but there are plenty of ways to nerf them, such as... make it so that they have an audible noise when nearby, similar to sentry guns. Make them prone to being blown up by grenades and concussion grenades, and also make them vulnerable to small arms fire. Make it so that they cannot be set on top of the flag. Oh, and make it so that only one or two can be set at a time.
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