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With the swaying aim/prone position, it doesn't solve the issue of snipers being unworthwhile to target. Most snipers hide out right near the respawn. So you're tacking on what, a second for them to get into prone position? Doesn't make it any easier for offense to get across the yard. The sniper might die quicker once someone DOES get in range, but that means you're delegating one person to take out the sniper(s) constantly. And on maps like well? Ugh.

Hell, it might even make it harder to disrupt snipers. Example - anticitizen, cp3. The sniper's already a bitch to hit when you're at the bottom. If he was lying down, you'd have no chance.

As for the other choices...

1. No. You shouldn't have to modify the landscape for a class to be worthwhile. Especially not if you're just doing it outside spawn, which would still be the optimal area to build at.

3. Maybe. You could just no-scope until you're about to fire though.

4. I thought we were talking about nerfing the sniper? Maybe if it were really weak, say, somewhere between the shotty/sshotty with a slightly longer attack delay, and reduced clip.

5. No.

6. Already expressed support for this! D:

7. Interesting, but would it be worth the hassle to implement?

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