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I like all classes.
Sniper is my least fav to play.
Snipers do not piss me off to the point of rage quit. Even if they kill me a lot, I do not want them out of the game.
Sniper should be worked on and balanced somehow. I don't know how. Every suggestion I've heard, doesn't sound good. Some overpower it, others are just cool extras that serve no point in making it better (just cooler). Radio tag, I liked. I hear people say "wall hack" regarding that, but that tag was damn useful to me when on d and it lasted longer. I think that was a good step at making him more team-oriented.

In FF snipers are the first defense.
In real life, they are ??? first offense? I don't know what you'd consider them.

This is a team based game though, so I'd try to find a way to make sniper more helpful to the team. The game's usually about capping or defending something, but they seem to take best the roll of yard d. I'm not saying all u snipers are good for nothing, but really, if you're a sniper, that seems to be what you do. You kill people in the yard and you kill other snipers. And you do that very well, but I dunno, maybe you could do more for the team's goals, whatever they may be. At the least, you could alert your team about who's coming into the base and from what enterence, but that is up to the player individually and not controlled by the game.

I would like to see something alternative from the typical sniper. Just as an example, if you really are a great sniper, why don't you plop yourself in the flagroom?

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