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Originally Posted by Gwarsbane View Post
Well you seemed to have assumed that yourself. I've been on both ends of the rifle, more so on the receiving end and I'm just saying I have no problem with the sniper.

Does this make me the authority on the sniper? No, but it is my opinion. I have played this game since the day it was released, I have played TFC since about 6 months after it was released.

I have been both the sniper and the snipers target as every single class. I would hope that my experience with both games and as every class would carry at least a little bit of weight and not just be dismissed as a disgruntled sniper who doesn't want his one and only class changed or removed.

And like it or not, if the sniper is changed too much or even just totally removed there will be many people in the community who will leave for some other game for good and it won't just be snipers
That's all well and good, but unless you can communicate your opinion and explain why it makes sense, it doesn't accomplish much. Here's my attempt at doing that:

We aren't going to hold off on making the game better because some people like it more when the game is bad.
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