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Originally Posted by CatzEyes93 View Post
There seems to be a lot of threads on the Steam Forums lately discussing

5) "No thank you!" Be careful who you accept gifts from! Be VERY careful!

Example: Joe Shmoe is a Smuck. He stole his best friends mom's credit card and went out and purchased a bunch of games with it. He then turned around and either gave them away via the "gift" system or he SOLD the games. The unsuspecting person receives this gift or game and assigns it to his uber leet kewl steam account that has over $200 dollars worth of games on it. A month later Steam disables the whole account due to credit card fraud. You heard me. They shutdown the whole account...not just the game that was purchased with a stolen credit card! So take care of where you get your games from!
Had this happen to my old steam account. >.<
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