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Depending on the setting, pub or organized:

If organized, don't be greedy. It's not all about getting the leet knifekills or tranq kills. It's about advancing the flag, whether directly or indirectly by taking the sg or a defender that's giving your teammates problems.

Knifing a demoman when he's piping the flag has a huge impact, especially if the flag is being moved. You will be everyone's hero.

When trying to take down an sg that's got an engi clanging away, the spy pills may not be too bad if your cover is already blown. Spy pills can also be used tactically to force someone, such as a soldier or HW from standing in a specific area.

Most importantly, don't underestimate the other team's ability to realize you're a disguised spy. If your cover is blown, make something useful out of the run, unload your pockets. There's a difference between doing nothing and dying with a dumb look on your face vs what Firefox suggested (which is very good suggestion btw) by staring down the guy doing the spy checking with a "wtf?" look. Yes, I know there's no facial expressions as I described, but somehow, someway, it's possible.

In an unorganized fashion/pub, chase everybody, jam on the attack button and flail the knife as much as possible. Drop the pills on bridges and respawn doors.
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