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i played a couple maps yesterday that arnt on this list -


EDIT: removed 2fort as it was a leaked developer map

concmap_oneeye_b2 - decent easy concmap - most difficult jump is a shortcut, triple conc - double conc up, juggle across a gap - map is in beta 2 stage (obviously) - can be found here on the forums

Concmap_juggleface_b1 - Juggle map ... go up WAAAAAAAAAAAY up - just a tunnel that goes up forever good only for juggling and screwin around with other classes, but you will have to edit the LUA file if you wanna play it as ta non conc class(change the class you wanna play from -1 to 0) - dont worry if you edit the lua file you can still play on servers that still have the original file, cuz i did it last night, it only effects YOUR server when you edit them i guess? - map in beta 1 stage (obviously)
- map can be found here on the forums - second post from the top

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