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Now that I've played the map, I take back what I said about it being epic. I got more of a "Meh, ok." feel while playing it. Probably because I expected the actual jump dimensions to more closely match the original version. Major differences that I saw

1- Bridge up quite a bit higher, and the rock architecture makes it harder to get close enough to the edge to get concs where I want them.

2- Stairs smaller

3- Brushes overlapped instead of their edges being on the same plane. Instead of:


It was more of a


5- No complaints tbh.

6- It was an L, not a 90 degree angle with equal length legs. At least make the floor closer if you're going to be mean and do that .

7- Much more merciful on that end part. <3

8- No complaints.

9- Ceiling is quite a bit lower.

10- It made me cry.

Not really complaints, just things that stood out to me. I understand that it's a remake, but closer attention to detail would have made me much happier. I still clench onto TFC.
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