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ff_hellion_classic changelog:

* added a security timer to HUD  
* added ladder access to top level in each base
* added shadow_control and water_lod_control entities
* added team coloured metal grates
* changed button model and texture, team coloured as well :p
* changed conveyor belt texture to something more fitting
* changed some of the team logo's to fit/look better
* changed water texture to be more visible underwater
* fixed being able to grab the flag _through_ the lasers
* fixed noannoyances not working on grenades 
* fixed the lighting!!

_b3 changelog 9/27/2009

* added locations
* added a new, animated texture for conveyor
* raised ramp in FR by 8 units
* raised water so you don't get stuck in it
* fixed bag above ramp to be accessible to all (regardless of team)
* fixed red ramp not matching blue
* fixed being able to shoot through the grate textures with the shotgun
* fixed info_ff_teamspawn clipping you into wall when you spawn 

_b2 changelog 9/12/2009

* added some lighting
* fixed respawn bug
* replaced button texture with model
* added trigger to button 
	- touch activates now instead of use
* upped the speed of the conveyor
* fixed a glitch with the red ramp
* replaced / updated some textures


* Cake for getting me to finish this
* Elmo for taking a look through _b3 when no one else would
* marxist for making me aware of the rs bug
* gnaa for his part in making this map
This is a continuation of ff_hellion_classic_b1, created by gnaa. No original thread exists (that I can find).

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