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Oh well, if they are going to be the official videos then i think they have to be re-made,

For example the conc tutorial, add how to strafe in the air and show the huge difference, also the "throw 1 conc and hold another one" demostratng like u conc, grab a flag and conc again... also there is a far more easy way to go up at well, i think its important that the phisycs of the conc get explained, for example if ur too close to the conc u wont get as much as impulse that if u stay on the edge of the blast of the conc. Also u can show the normal concs that would help players on everymap, aardvarks conc (arrow + conc = mega blast), sd2 ramp straight into T junction conc, also the well T to FR with one HH, and well there are many that u can show like for the new players to have an idea where to conc.

Also with the flame pushing, there are way more things that can be done, for example when u fall u can get less damage by aiming the flamethrower at the ground, or reaching higher and further distances.

Also the demoman, it should be explained that the little shotgun is userfull when u for example hurt bad a enemy with a blue pipe or the pipetrap doesnt kill him, also the thing that u can only place 8 pipes, and the detpack that is userfull for some positions and the most important, how to place a pipetrap, like looking down and using physics + logic to make decent pipetraps, maybe show how to place them on some maps, there are certain tricks or spots where u can make a better pipetrap, and well there is more but i think that would be enough.

edit: maybe i can give u a hand with demos or something if u like... i really thougth about doing this like weeks ago but the fact that i speak like borat kinda make me dessist on the idea.
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