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Originally Posted by Andariel
i happily embedded your spy script into mine, but i suggest to add %l to your detpack timer teamsay

on the request side, i need a alias that allows me to get rid of all my nades at the press of the button
alias no_nades "throwgren; wait; throwgren"

bind "" "no_nades"
Originally Posted by Eva01
hey man, right now for medic i have:
bind "MOUSE5" "+attack2"

but of course it just stays at the medic pack. is there a way to hit the bind and it will quickly bust out the medpack, and infect while i hold it down, then when i release it will go back to my previous weapon? thx
alias WM "wait; wait; wait"

alias +heal	"slot1; WM; +attack"
alias -heal	"-attack; WM; slot3"

bind "mouse5" "+heal"
Originally Posted by Andariel
well i knew that wouldnt work before i tried it quick

i mean something that allows to get rid of all grenades i have in reserve, for example when i know im going to die i want to give the enemys some spam before i have to respawn
alias discone "primeone; throwgren"
alias disctwo "primetwo; throwgren"
alias discardnades "discone; disctwo; discone; disctwo; discone; disctwo; discone; disctwo"
is my last try but it only primes and throws gren1 at the next press gren 2 and vice versa
It's faster to click nades out, because there's a delay.

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