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Originally Posted by Gwarsbane View Post
You can download it via torrent or by MTX which is sort of steam like. I'd suggest torrent and use the MTX extractor. Reason for bit torrent is because it saves us a lot of bandwidth and if I remember right, we were asked not to put it on other sites. We could only give it from our site.

No it has not been released to public domain. We convinced Microsoft to allow us to release the whole game free of charge with our mod attached to it. We even convinced them to allow us to remove their disc check and allow their mech packs to be on automatically.
I download it via MTX because it wasn't clear what the torrent link was or I just missed it. Post it and I'll seed. Download time was reasonable. Icculus should put the torrent link in the first post since your site is having some bw issues.

With all the references to Microsoft I was scratching my head thinking what is this? lol. Good job with the work. I just fried my SLI 8800 GT setup playing TF2 a couple days ago. Once my new GTX 260 arrives I'll play. Was going to get a 570 but I want to upgrade the mobo later this years and put in a gaming solid state drive for my online games.
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