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Originally Posted by squeek. View Post
The GL/PL are meant to be the same weapon in different firing modes (hence the shared clip). Them having different paint colors would kind of break that illusion.

I think this should remain a custom. The color of the LCD screen should already make it obvious which thing you're going to be shooting.
That's pretty much the only reason I don't think it'd be proper as default. Just would look goofy with the current weapon switch animation.

To make it more obvious though, I'd suggest maybe we move away from this single default xhair, and try to make a default xhair that is fitting for each weapon in FF. If blues and yellows by default had different xhairs it'd be a little more apparent, and people could still change it to w/e they want.

But over all what I'd really like to see is a more "transformative" model. Instead of just flipping a switch, something more like a lever that has visibly different positions for each mode, and perhaps the sight could adjust as well. Just something so that it's obviously the same model for both, but there's a stronger outline for each mode. Immediately distinguishable silhouettes is something was strongly pushed in early TF2 and I think it's a very smart design philosophy. It's a little more striking than a color changing screen.
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